Hey there— I'm Brandon.

A social entrepreneur and advocate, studying statistics & government at Harvard.

Among other things, I founded the Project for Better Journalism; manage the Harvard Digital Lab for the Social Sciences; and teach CS50. I was previously at StratoDem Analytics, where I directed product, and Teach For America.

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Everything from politics and social commentary, to technology and entrepreneurship.

My name is Brandon.




  • 2019— A.B., A.M., Harvard University
  • 2015— Phillips Exeter Academy

I’m an entrepreneur, education advocate, and sophomore at Harvard.

I founded and lead the team at the Project for Better Journalism, a nonprofit working to strengthen student journalism at schools across the country. I also manage the Harvard Digital Lab for the Social Sciences, and I serve as a founding director for Sponsr.Us, a nonprofit student initiatives platform.

At Harvard, I’m a bachelors’ candidate for a degree in statistics and government, and a fourth-year masters’ candidate in statistics. I also do and facilitate research in the social sciences through our Institute for Quantitative Social Science, and teach computer science with CS50.

Previously, I directed product at StratoDem Analytics, a real estate analytics and data science company. I led vision, product, and front-end, and headed a team of three. I’ve also worked for two years at Teach For America; spent a summer in Houston’s busiest civil court; served as a design mentor for a startup incubator; and campaigned for multiple years as a local campaign organizer. Many years ago I also created the online academic planner Schooltraq, which has risen in popularity despite its age.

For the last six years I’ve lived in New England but I was born and raised outside the city of Houston. I graduated from Phillips Exeter in 2015.

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Getting help for CS50

I maintain a CS50 page that might have answers to your questions. Reminder: To keep my inbox manageable, I respond to CS50 questions and emails twice a day or during scheduled office hours.

Other resources

The Limits of Discourse— In 2015 I wrote and filmed a feature-length documentary on free speech and censorship at Phillips Exeter and in academia at large.

Culrr— A simple and unassuming full-screen hexidecimal color picker.

Ambient music— I curate a fairly popular Spotify playlist that people seem to like for its song choice and ordering.