Hey there—I'm Brandon Wang.

This is brandon.wang, my online home.

Student activist and social entrepreneur.

I'm Brandon — an entrepreneur and education advocate, currently an undergraduate at Harvard. I'm an ardent advocate of using technology, design, and education to change the world. Find out more about Brandon.

I currently split much of my free time between these three organizations:

What I'm reading

This is a live feed of my curated reading lists on good reading, politics, and entrepreneurship. Overlap between each column may occur. In general, I publish new content every day—but no promises!

Good, longer reading

Politics and social commentary


Technology and programming

Music curation on Spotify

Homework music/ambient
With nearly 500 followers and 15 hours, this is a playlist for cranking out work. Songs are mostly instrumental and ordered to provide variety.

Background/indie rock
Around 24 hours of indie rock, with softer tracks.

Other playlists on Spotify

Other resources

Course summaries and study guides
Since 2010, I have written and published course and study guides to share.

Simple, full-screen hex color picker.

Designed for always-on tablets, a bedside clock and weather app for Exeter, NH.

Contact me

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Also on Twitter as @bradr.

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