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WordPress Themes

From 2008-2010 I developed WordPress themes to give back to its vibrant community. As of August 2010, however, I decided to take a break from WordPress themes, and since 2011 I have affirmed the discontinuation of these themes.

You’re still welcome to download these themes but they come with no support or future versions.

Silent Noise

FreeDownload | Documentation

  • Keepin’ it clean: Silent Noise gives you information on the front page but does away with extras on all single post and single page designs. Instead, it features a few snippets of useful information.
  • Infinite color schemes: A change of color makes a world of difference: my SmartColor system means that color changes are reflected throughout the theme, from the top to bottom – even the glow on the footer.
  • Magazine-style post listings: post dates are shown in a stamp-style block that hovers on the left, making it simple to discern the dates.
  • Images pulled out of the way: Left-aligned images are pulled out of the content a bit, breaking the standard blocks with a bit of spicy difference.
  • CSS3 through progressive enhancement: Throughout the theme, CSS3, whether through animations, rounded borders, or other techniques, are sprinkled. They’re used through progressive enhancement, which means browsers that don’t support these new features still get the package.
  • Also: Custom logo, pretty typography, minimalistic comment architecture …

Changelog: 1.0.3 Initial release.


Free Download

  • Clean layout: An elegant and minimalist design with subtle hints of elegant grunge put Affyn at the forefront.
  • Widgets in the footer: Widgets stay in the footer to keep the focus on your content while visitors are reading.
  • Modular widget layout: Affyn lets you tesselate your widgets for a clean yet freestyle approach to showing these little blurbs of content.
  • Also: XHTML valid, clean design, elegant typography, …

Changelog: 0.9 First release.

Stunning Silence

Free Download | Demo | WordPress directory listing

  • Color schemes: choose from five color schemes: blue, green, pink, grey minimalist, and light n’ simple. Each one makes the design look great.
  • Superior customization: A huge options page with over ten options to choose from, including the color, stickiness, and text of the navigation bar, where the Twitter blurb displays, custom text in the footer, and lots of other controls.
  • Twitter integration: a great place to put your Twitter messages is the header, with all sorts of settings. Want it to display on only the home page? No problem.
  • Also: XHTML valid, clean design, elegant typography, navigation bar controls, Twitter blurb controls, custom text in footer, copyright notice in footer, …

Changelog: 1.2.7 WP menus functionality, darkened footer, fixed search page. 1.2.6 Fluer-de-lis off by default, Twitter logo options, faded header hover, Cufon off by default. 1.2.5 Bug fixes. 1.2.4 Fluer-de-lis to left of title; custom logo. 1.2.3 Typography fixes, links now highlighted on hover. 1.2.2 Display bug inside the footer. 1.2.1 Bug fix on search engine (default is unstyled). 1.2 Added color schemes, better headings. 1.1.2 Fixed bug inside the options page. 1.1 Fixed bug on the Twitter blurb in the header. 1.0.1 Added options page. 0.9 First release.