StSi 1.2.5 Coming Soon, Affinity 1.0 Coming Soon

Updates on Stunning Silence: Stunning Silence 1.2.5 is coming soon and will be released as soon as possible. Fixes in this version include support for centering images as well as general fixes. There are no security fixes, and you are not required to upgrade (but you are recommended).

Stunning Silence 1.3 will come sometime in the future and will include support for more color schemes, multiple sidebar support, as well as other fixes and features.

logo Updates on Affinity: Affinity is a brand-new WordPress theme to be released soon after I finish working on a client’s work, release Stunning Silence 1.2.5. It’s super-elegant and has a layout sure to be tasty and pleasing.

Once again, I’m being bogged down by work, and I have way too many things to take care of. If you want updates on any work, please subscribe to my feed. Thanks!