Reflections on Blogging, and New News

I’ve blogged for four years now and I started when I was eight. I didn’t know how to code; I didn’t know about design or programming. All I knew was that I wanted to write, and I wanted my voice to be heard.

That was a while ago. I’m now twelve, the creator and writer for three blogs, each on diverse and different topics. One of them, my literature blog, was the original one I had. It now has over three hundred articles (325 at time of writing) in its archives, all written by me.

Yet still, nobody knows about me. My literature blog, with its many articles, barely registers views at all.

The world is cruel yet reasonable: it makes you learn every single life lesson painstakingly and with great price. I thought I would become the next Seth Godin of blogging. To keep it short? I didn’t.

But in these writings, I’ve found out so much about how people perceive those who blog, and so much about how not to write a blog. I’ve tripped over so many cracks and stumbled over my own feet so many times.

For a while I changed the blog name to something spicy, wrote up a few graphic design tutorials, and posted them to Digg, just for people to actually come to my blog and read it. And you know what? It helped.

Marginally. I also bored myself to death writing about topics I knew people would come and read but that I hated writing, things like “53 Ways to Put a Picture in a Post” or “20 Textures You Will Love”. While it was amazing the great stuff I found, when I put it together, it felt like trash.

So now I’m changing. The next website redesign to come will come to this blog first, so my viewers who love me because I’m 12 and I’m awesome will see the new site look first. And this blog will change.

I’m not going to be yet another design blog and write boring stuff. I’m not Seth Godin. I’m Brandon Wang. Look out, world!