Information for CS50

CS50 is Harvard’s introductory computer science course. I publish information for the section I teach, as well as things helpful for the class in general, on this page.

Section materials

Week 2: Section slides, Cheat sheet

Week 3: Section slides, Sorting algorithm animations

Week 4: Section slidesCheat sheet (pointers and file I/O)
File pointers slidesPointers slidesDynamic memory allocation slides

Week 5: Section slidesTries slides (note: syntax for structs not recommended)
Clarification on struct syntax, CS50 style recommendation for structs

Week 6: Midterm review

Week 7: No section due to CS50 coding contest

Week 8: Section slides (code examples in the repository)

Week 9: Section slidesIn-class SQL example for JOINs and GROUP BY

Week 10: Section slides

General information