Hey there— I'm Brandon.

I left Harvard to start Conduit, a smarter personal relationship management tool.

Before leaving, I studied statistics, CS, & government. I also founded the Project for Better Journalism. Previously, I directed product at StratoDem Analytics; taught computer science; facilitated research at Harvard IQSS; and built strategy at Teach For America.

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Everything from politics and social commentary, to technology and entrepreneurship.

My name is Brandon.





  • 2019— A.B., A.M., Harvard University
    Currently on leave.
  • 2015— Phillips Exeter Academy

I’m an entrepreneur, data scientist, and education advocate. I studied at Harvard before leaving to start Conduit, a smarter personal relationship management tool.

At Harvard, I was an accelerated bachelors’ candidate in statistics, computer science, and government; and a fourth-year masters’ candidate in statistics. I also facilitated research in social science through our Institute for Quantitative Social Science, and taught computer science as a TF for CS50.

Many years ago, borne from my work in education policy, I founded the Project for Better Journalism, a nonprofit working to strengthen K12 student journalism programs. I also cofounded and now serve on the advisory board for Sponsr.Us, a nonprofit student initiatives platform.

Previously, I directed product at StratoDem Analytics, a real estate analytics and data science company. As hire #1 I grew our team from 3 to 8 and led vision, product, and front-end. I’ve also worked for two summers at Teach For America; spent a summer interning in Houston’s busiest civil court; served as a design mentor for a startup incubator; and organized political campaigns for over seven years.

Many years ago I also created the online academic planner Schooltraq, which has grown in popularity despite its age. For the last six years, I’ve lived in New England but I was born and raised outside Houston. I graduated from Phillips Exeter in 2015.

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For general inquiries/support, email [email protected]. I'm at [email protected]. We love it when people want to work at Conduit, but please apply properly (i.e. not through a LinkedIn request).

The Project for Better Journalism

PBJ has a proud team that can help you. I'm at [email protected], but our various teams (or our general point of contact—[email protected]) will provide a faster response.

Sponsr.Us, Schooltraq, and CS50

Sponsr.Us: I can't help. Instead, email active leadership at [email protected].

Schooltraq: Don't email me directly. Instead, visit the Support Center for help.

CS50: I no longer teach. Access my archived CS50 page for helpful materials.

Other resources

The Limits of Discourse— In 2015 I wrote and filmed a feature-length documentary on free speech and censorship at Phillips Exeter and in academia at large.

Culrr— A simple and unassuming full-screen hexidecimal color picker.

Ambient music— I used to curate a Spotify playlist that some seem to like for its song choice and ordering.