Hey there— I'm Brandon.

I'm cofounder and CTO of Dreambound, which creates upward mobility in America.

Before, I studied at Harvard before leaving to found Conduit, an AI-driven chief of staff. I've also started education nonprofits; directed product at StratoDem; taught CS and facilitated research at Harvard; and built strategy at Teach For America.

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Everything from politics and social commentary, to technology and entrepreneurship.

My name is Brandon.



Academia & Advisory:


  • 2020— Thiel Fellowship
  • 2019— A.B., A.M., Harvard University
    Currently on leave.
  • 2015— Phillips Exeter Academy

I’m an entrepreneur, engineering leader, and optimist.

I am cofounder and CTO of Dreambound, which builds upward mobility in America by funding and supporting job seekers in the bottom quartile of our economy.

Before Dreambound, I studied computer science & data science at Harvard before dropping out to start Conduit, an AI-driven chief of staff. With an incredible team, we automated analysis of emails, calendars, and contacts to provide insight without effort. We were acquired in 2019.

Previously, I also directed product as hire #1 at StratoDem Analytics, a real-estate data science services company, where I scaled the team and productized our vision. I was also the youngest employee in Teach For America history where I worked to improve teacher outcomes, and spun out a nonprofit, the Project for Better Journalism, which provides K12 extracurricular programs at hundreds of schools.

I’m a 2020 Thiel Fellow and a Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient. I’ve worked on political campaigns for 7+ years; am a featured contributor to a 2015 book on breaking down age barriers; have taught computer science and facilitated social science research; and have served as a design and UX mentor.

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To chat about Dreambound, email [email protected]. If you're interested in joining us, let's chat! — I'm hiring.

The Project for Better Journalism

PBJ has a proud team that can help you. I'm at [email protected], but our various teams (or our general point of contact—hello@) will provide a faster response.

Conduit, Sponsr.Us, Schooltraq, and CS50

Conduit: I can't help.

Sponsr.Us: I can't help. Instead, email active leadership at [email protected].

Schooltraq: Don't email me directly. Instead, visit the Support Center for help.

CS50: I no longer teach. Access my archived CS50 page for helpful materials.

Other resources

The Limits of Discourse— In 2015 I wrote and filmed a feature-length documentary on free speech and censorship at Phillips Exeter and in academia at large.

Harvard Square Lunchbot— If you're in Cambridge, MA, and have decision paralysis about where to eat lunch, this little bot can help!

Ambient music— I used to curate a Spotify playlist that some seem to like for its song choice and ordering.